The New Year

The New Year

Brian Crandell and Heather Geving

A man on the street interview is an interview of a random bystander that is willing to give information about a certain topic. With the transition from 2012 to 2013, people are ready to make a resolution in an attempt to better themselves and Woodland Park High school is no different.

We approached a difficult question for passing bystanders with “Has Christmas become a superficial or commercial holiday?” Here is an example of what people said.

Hailey Dick answered “Yes, the promoting of Santa Claus and toys for children, is way too overboard.”

With a new Year brings new activities for the high school so we asked “What activities are you included in this time of the year”

Mackenzie Burges said “I play Piano, run track, do beta cub, rob robbers, J-walk, and crash weddings”

Where would a New Year be without resolutions? So we asked “How do you plan to better yourself for the new year?”

Tanner Wilson told us “Stay in shape, don’t get fat.”

Man on the street interviews are common for everyday reporters with intriguing questions they gave an insight on the minds of everyday people or in this case students.