It’s That Time of Year Again

Brian Crandell, Reporter

One can almost sense this time of year coming upon us. The fall leaves begin to find their way to the ground, there are light dustings of snow in the morning before you head off to work or school, and the kids begin to get more and more anxious for the holiday gifts and traditions. This year a few ecstatic young holiday enthusiasts from Columbine Elementary – two fifth graders, Allysa Wadsworth and Brett Gilbert, along with two first graders , Kara Wiley and Zackary Helton – are eager to share what makes this time of year so special to them.

“I love the time I get to spend with my family and the Christmas tree. Drinking hot cocoa makes it even more special to me!” Allysa explained when asked what she liked about this time of year.

“I like being around my family who when they visit me, bring me gifts, and sit with me around the Christmas tree. It’s a lot of fun being able to see them during Christmas.  It’s the best feeling,” Brett said.

The holiday spirit isn’t only for the older kids. Even the youngest of the Columbine students, Kara, was just as excited to talk about Christmas, and to tell of what the holidays bring to their lives.

“I like making gifts for my mom and dad and waiting for Santa to come and bring toys for our whole family,” Kara says.

“I sing songs before opening presents and I really like it because it’s is fun for everyone. I also really like waiting for Santa and snowboarding!” says Zack.

The holiday cheer was bright within the eyes of these kids for their upcoming holidays, and imagining the joy that they would bring. For Woodland Park as a whole, celebrating holidays for years to come will continue to be a delight to kids of all ages, and create memories that won’t soon be forgotten.