Delicious Delights in the Desert

Heather Geving, Section Editor

Alumni’s a very common topic in Woodland Park, but what people don’t know is where are some former Woodland Park graduate’s today?

Katherine Allen, graduate of WPHS in 2003, is a cook at a spa called, the Miraval Resort and Spa located in Tucson, Arizona. Allen graduated from the California Culinary Academy le Cordon Blue in 2011. Allen is honored to be a cook as her career.

“These days people are very aware of the foods they consume and it is so important to cook local and healthy meals.” says Allen.

Miraval is an exclusive resort, just for registered guests, just like a hot spot vacation site. Allen creates delicious meals for vacationers searching for a relaxing, peaceful time. Depending on the day she is working, Allen prepares meals for breakfast and lunch. The Miraval Resort and Spa has been featured on popular daytime television shows like Oprah, The Ellen Show, and The Dr. Oz Show.

“I have been cooking in industrial kitchens since I was fourteen. I have worked in resort style establishments for the past four years.”

“I loved cooking in high school, as it was my first job. I decided cooking would be my career when I realized I did nothing, but read cookbooks and play in the kitchen. Why not get paid for my passion?!”

Allen hasn’t been back to Woodland Park for a year, but this mountainous place will always be her home.

“And who knows, maybe someday I will own a restaurant there!”

Allen is very passionate about her work and enjoys every day of preparing wonderful, scrumptious meals for hungry stomachs.