Spooky, Sweet Treats, Oh My!

Spooky, Sweet Treats, Oh My!

Heather Geving, Reporter

Nothing is better together than hundreds of Woodland Park children and millions of tasty types of surgery, syrupy, Halloween candy treats. This spectacular event occurs only once on the spookiest, sweetest night of the year; Woodland Park’s annual Treat Street.

On one special night, parents, students and children of all ages arrived at 6 PM on October 25th for an hour and an half of thrills, chills and memories that parents and their children will hold onto forever. Treat Street is a traditional event that happens every year before the real sugar rush begins on Halloween night. It is an event where parents bring their children to the Woodland Park High School and from there, the children and their parents travel around the school in hopes to find creepy creatures or fair princesses and maybe some creepy thrills in between.

Myrrhiah Perkins, a junior at Woodland Park High School and on the STUCO committee, enjoys being a part of Treat Street and seeing the little kids dress up.

“I hope the kids have fun and we get a big turn out this year.” says Perkins.

Matthew Barton, the STUCO teacher at WPHS, enjoyed Treat Street and to see the graduates of WPHS from years ago bring their children. His hopes for Treat Street this year are to not run out of candy and that everyone has a positive experience.

The WPHS STUCO committee had a very significant part in Treat Street. They are the ones who make Treat Street possible, and supply all the candy and games for the younger children.

This Treat Street was full of laughs, treats, and chills but at the end of it all, families come together to have Halloween fun in a safe, warm, and friendly environment.