Harvest of Love

Harvest of Love

Sydney Richardson, Reporter

As we bid adeau to the month of October and the Harvest moon, we welcome November and the beginning of Harvest of Love. This drive begans on November 5th and lasts a full two weeks till November 19th. The students of Woodland Park High School will have the opportunity to help out the less fortunate in their community by donating food. This food is most commonly used for Holiday meals throughout the Woodland Park Community.

The Harvest of Love Drive will have students bring in nonparishable food items to their white 2 class. The top two winning classes will be getting a pizza party as a reward for helping out those in need.

The students amongst the school district are not the only ones who can help out, but many of the grocery stores will have collection boxes so that everyone in the community may do their part.

The most sought after food items this year are; Canned meat and tuna, Canned tomato products, Boxed pasta, Canned meals (chili, etc.) ,Canned fruit and vegetables, Canned and bagged beans, Canned soup, Peanut butter and Powdered milk.