Custodians are Cool Day

Micaela Davidson, Section Editor

Every year around this time, the Historian Committee in Student Council delivers a delicious dinner and gives a pleasant gift basket to each of our seven incredible custodians. Jim Hill, Kim Burleson, Mike Robson, Linda Raybal, Larry Seskar, Kenny Stevenson, and John Swanstrom are all responsible for keeping our school functional and clean for us every day. This year, on November 2nd, we will be celebrating them.

The gift baskets and dinner are the two main parts of the day, but simply thanking them adds to the honor they deserve for the behind the scenes hard work they do. This Friday on Custodians are Cool Day remember to thank a custodian when you see one, and pick up some trash you see on the ground to help them out. Custodians are cool, so don’t just do that this Friday though; let’s try to make their lives easier every day. If you would like to do more to say thank you, contact STUCO Representative Shannon Bingen for ways you can get involved and show your appreciation, or get ideas in a fallow up article to be published next week.