WPHS Homecoming Through the Ages

Adri DeJoy, Reporter

Old high school yearbooks lay sprawled across the floor as Aimee & August DeJoy reminisce about Homecoming when they were in high school in the seventies.

Pride and school spirit can sometimes be hard to come by. However, all through the years, Woodland Park High School has always maintained a high morale. Aimee and August DeJoy are former WPHS students of the seventies, and it’s surprising to hear how many things have remained the same over generations.

Looking through old yearbooks was interesting to say the least; it was easy to tell that they were from a different time. So many things were different from how they are now: hair styles, clothing, dialect and colloquialisms, even the way the school looked back then. Although Homecoming festivities have varied slightly throughout the years, one thing that has always been the same is that famous Panther Pride.

Mr. and Mrs. DeJoy commented on how their floats were different in that they had ‘mini-floats’ instead of floats made on cars or trucks like we have now in our parade. They also noted that the Homecoming football game was usually on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning since the stadium didn’t have flood lights back then. August commented that it seemed like it usually always snowed on the days of the game and the parade. The weather seems to be a touch more lenient now, but it’s still easy to believe that it could snow during a Homecoming game or parade. Even with the poor weather conditions, they always managed to have a good time.

“We had the mini floats. They were a lot of fun to build, and the bonfire was always a good time!”, said August when asked what he liked about Homecoming back then.

The bonfire is a tradition that everyone still enjoys. Another thing that both generations still have in common is Homecoming Royalty of course, and once again, that famous Panther Pride!

“Until my own daughters were in high school, I hadn’t really been back for many Homecoming events, but I’m so glad that I now get to participate in all these Homecoming festivities!” , Aimee cheerfully commented.

No matter how one participates in Homecoming here at Woodland Park High School, it seems like they have a good time. Whether you’re a parent, a student, the Homecoming Queen, or a behind the scenes mini-float constructor, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to have a fun week participating in all that WPHS Homecoming week has to offer and sporting that famous Panther Pride!