Spirit Week

Amanda Miller, Reporter

The long feud between Cowboys and Indians comes to an end as they mingle and pose for a picture together.

Spirit Week is a time for students to dress up in wild outfits and bright colors to represent their school in a way some would consider mad, and it would seem that Woodland Park High School students are especially good at it. The high school was alive with school spirit last week, in preparation of the Homecoming game that took place on Friday October 12th. The first spirit week of the 2012-2013 school year brought out the student’s creative sides, challenging them to find inventive ways to dress up and represent their class.

Throughout the week each class competed in spirit competitions, and collected tickets, one ticket for each student that dressed up each day went towards one common goal; to possess the spirit stick. For anybody who missed the pep rally on Friday, the seniors won custody of the spirit stick this time around. The sophomores came in second (the class of 2015 won last year), followed by the juniors and finally, the freshmen.

This semester, we kicked off spirit week with the ever popular Pajama Day, turning manic Monday into a more laid back event. It was followed by Cowboys and Indians day, which generated a bit of controversy over political correctness. Students seemed to enjoy themselves nevertheless, and managed to come up with some pretty creative costumes for what proved to be the most difficult dress up day. Wednesday’s theme had everyone dressed in panther colors to show their school spirit at the Homecoming parade, which happens to be the unique reason that Spirit Day isn’t the same day as the big game, as was told by Elin Saxon, the Executive Vice President of student council. Thursday was every comic book nerd’s dream, spandex and red capes flying as far as the eye could see; it was Superhero Day! While some people took the chance to dress up as their favorite caped crusader, others took the idea a little more to heart, choosing instead to dress up as their real life hero, such as a soldier. The day of the big game was the most competitive yet, putting each class up against each other in Class Clash Day, a day that has each class dress up in different colors; freshmen in red, sophomores in yellow, juniors in blue, seniors in black, and faculty in purple.

If you’ve ever wondered where class clash came from, it was started by our own Mrs. Gustafson, who got the idea back in 1999 from a video put out by Douglass County’s Thunder Ridge High School.

All in all, Spirit Week at Woodland Park High School could be counted as a success. Although some students had some reservations about themes, and the dilemmas they caused, it is possible the by-product of our school spirit influenced the outcome of the big game.