Senioritis Sneaking Into Woodland Park High School

Chelsey MacDonald, Reporter

The dreaded time has already started sneaking its way into the hearts of our seniors. It is not even three months into the school year and the disease already has our teachers worried. What is Senioritis? Most kids at Woodland Park High School agree that Senioritis is where one doesn’t feel like doing work and cannot wait to get out of high school, although a few students had some very odd answers.

“Senioritis is where you are anxious about leaving high school,” Michalah Dickhoff, a senior, replied without hesitation.

Now there are a few ways to detect this disease. One symptom is attitude; some ways to tell is lack of studying or doing homework, repeated absences and a generally dismissive attitude toward any school related activities. Attitude is not the only symptom of this dreaded disease. When school first starts, most students will be dressed in a somewhat caring way such as jeans and a nice shirt. As Senioritis takes its hold, the clothes change from jeans to sweatpants and baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts. Their hair is usually always messy as though they didn’t even care enough to brush it.

Is it a real thing? Most students agree that it is a real thing; although there are a few students who disagree.

“Just because you can put a name on anything doesn’t make it a real thing,” senior Max Levy says.

Whether it is real or not, there are some ways to insure Senioritis doesn’t grip all of the seniors.  First, plan ahead to do any homework. Even if you are a senior, it does not mean it is a clear road down to graduation.  Don’t get caught up in homework. Have fun! It is the last year for being in high school!

As our school year progresses, we can only hope that our seniors are strong enough to fight this dreaded disease. Good luck to all our seniors out there, and don’t forget to have fun in your last year of school. Just remember there is a fine line between fun and flunking out of school.