Panther Pride Week

Heather Geving, Reporter

Homecoming week is an annual tradition at all schools around the United States, but at Woodland Park High School, Homecoming was crammed with memories students will grasp onto forever. It’s a wild time, but when students have their “spirit rush” they can pump up with panther pride for the spirit assemblies.

The spirit assemblies at Woodland Park High School are a Homecoming tradition beginning at the start and end of the week. This year, the start of the 2012 homecoming assemblies started on Tuesday, October 9th. The panther pride begins with the introduction of the homecoming host, WPHS staff, Joe Roskem. The assembly began with the volleyball captains introducing the 2012 fall season of volleyball. After the spiking volleyball team, the Woodland Park cheerleaders energized the crowd by pumping up each grade by joining them in a dance on the main gym floor. During the assemblies, one girl and one boy from each grade level, is chosen to play in a “game.” This year, students were given the chance to volunteer and choose to play in the games, and get involved with school spirit.

“Let the games begin!”

The first game is Dizzy Free Throws. All of the volunteers in that grade spin around and shoot free throws and whoever scores the most baskets wins. The Juniors won. The second game is chubby bunny.  All of the participants shove as many marshmallows as they can into their mouths and attempt to say the words, “chubby bunny.” The Juniors won. The 2012 girls softball captains introduced their fall season of softball. The third game is the toilet paper game. Each participant unrolls a whole role of toilet paper and whoever does this the fastest wins. The Freshman won. The 2012 boys golf captains introduce their fall season. The game everyone anticipates for is the traditional tug a war and first the Juniors against the Sophomores, the Juniors won. The Freshman against the Seniors, the Seniors won. The Juniors against the Seniors, the Seniors won. And finally the purple staff against the black out  Seniors, and the Seniors won.

The girls and boys cross country captains were the last team to introduce their 2012 fall season.   The game last is Hollywood boot camp relay race. The volunteers race around the gym with a balloon between their legs and then chew bubble gum and be the first to blow a bubble.

The 2012 homecoming week approaches the closing but before they are finished, the final assembly celebration is on Friday, October 12th. The beginning of the assembly begins with a bang by the Woodland Park High School Band and cheers from each grade level. First off, the cheerleaders perform their cheer and the captains introduce their 2012 season. The cheerleaders receive flowers from the varsity football players. The varsity football captains introduce their 2012 fall season and pump up the crowd for the Homecoming game, and the 2012  royalty is introduced. The next event is the Woodland Park Madrigals singing “Don’t Worry be Happy.” And the Contemporary Body Sculpting class ignites the crowd by performing their dance routine that they have been practicing for three weeks.

The Woodland Park drum majors introduce  the famous trombone suicide. The final fall sport to be introduced is the boys soccer captains and their 2012 season. And the final game of the 2012 assemblies  is dodge ball and the Seniors and Freshman against the Juniors and Sophomores and the Sophomores won.

And lastly, Roskem contributes this thoughts of his 2012 football team.

“Success is practiced, success is earned.”

And the moment that everyone anticipates is the traditional spirit stick. The spirit stick winner is the class with the most panther pride. The winner is the 2012 Seniors! Sophomores in second place, Juniors in third, and Freshman in forth. And to end the week the 2012 spirit video is presented to all of Woodland Park High School.

The 2012 homecoming week might be over with but the memories of the week will forever live with us.