Panther Blood Runs Green, But Why?

Micaela Davidson, Section Editor

Go green and white! Fight Panthers fight! What are we saying? We hear these cheers at every sporting event, but hardly think about the history of our school colors and mascot. When challenged with this question, students came up with some imaginative on-the-spot answers.


“Green because of the trees and white because it looks good.” Riley Youngman decided when asked where the colors came from. This was a popular answer. MaryGrace Kelley and nine other students all answered that the green was for the forest.


Steve Duncanson and Michelle Franke both cleverly concluded that white stands for the snow in Woodland Park. All the answers seemed to be the same when it came to colors, except Micky Hartley, who thought the colors were just randomly chosen.


However, there were some interesting ideas when students were asked about why the panther is our mascot.


“It stands for our pride and strength,” Megan Moss smiled.


“Yeah, and our awesomeness,” agreed Kieran Bennett.


Matt Eden had a completely different idea, “Someone saw big foot, it was black, and they thought it was a panther,” he stated.


“Maybe it was whoever started the school (their) favorite animal,” Michaela Huntington thoughtfully said.


“I think it stands for our integrity,” implied Heather McDonald,

“we are wild, yet free.”


Other students explained that the panther stands for our cunning, tenacious spirits, our ferocity, and fierceness.


Megan Lunsford thought for a moment about the panther, and then answered, “Somebody liked cats… I like cats.”


So what do our colors and mascot really stand for? The students nailed it on the head with the colors. Mr. Garrick explained that the dark green is for the forest. In fact, yellow used to be one of the school colors, representing the aspens along with the white. These colors were meant to represent the theme of mountain living.


Okay, so what about the panther? In all honesty, even Mr. Garrick hadn’t the slightest idea. It may forever remain a mystery, although this reporter will continue to seek the answers we desire.


Regardless of the colors and where in the world our panther came from, Woodland Park looks forward to cheering on our teams to a victory throughout the rest of the year. Go Panthers