March Onto Victory

March Onto Victory

Sydney Richardson, Reporter

The Pride of the Park Marching Band competed for the very first time this season on Saturday, October 6th at Elizabeth High School in Elizabeth, Colorado. On the band schedule, this date was listed as “Conquer the State!”

“I want the other band directors to see our show, throw up their hands and know we are the state champions for this year!” Exclaims band director Darren Dukart.

The show they performed on Saturday was truly a show of their constant hard work and dedication. Unfortunatly right as the show began, so did the snow. By the end of the first movement no one could feel their fingers, valves began to freeze up, and guard members became completely numb. Through these testing conditions the band was still able to get 4th place in the whole show! (1a, 2a,3a, 4a, and 5a included)

These classifications for this particular show are based on the size of the marching band. Bigger bands (5a) more often score higher than the smaller bands, because of the balance and blend they are able to have in their  musical ensemble, and the more intricate formations they are able to make. This is realized and therefore each class is judged independently.

“It was almost a miracle that anyone was able to play the last note, but it still marks the end. The last note says that we did it.” declared Alyssa Meier after instantly marching off the field. This feeling of accomplishment was only intensified when they called Woodland Park as first place for 3a competition.

“Standing in the snow for three hours, having ice form in our hair was all completely worth it once that first place plaque was put in our hands.” Says drum major Tyler Schad following the drum major retreat.  The drum major retreat is where the conductors for each band line up, await their scores and are handed the trophy or plaque for their placement.

When asked about life as a “bandy”,  there was a lot of the same reaction. It is not life as a member of the band, it is being a member of the band becomes life. There are the typical Monday and Wednesday practices from 3:30 to 6:30, but then there are the football games, the Saturday practices from eight in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, the competitions and then there is the actual band class. “We have all just accepted the band room is our second home, just how the band is our second family.” Says an honest and very mature freshman.

“I have been asked so many times why I am in marching band. I am in it because I like when all the hard work comes together and pulls out a win. I am here to win.” proclaimed returning clarinet player Jack Kilton.