Into the Community

Sydney Richardson, Reporter

The spirit of Homecoming took flight this past week, and left nothing but panther pride in its wake. Green and white paint covered the windows, stores such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens were fully stocked with Panther gear and merchandise.

For our small community, there is only one high school, which consequently leads to Homecoming being a city-wide event. Adults that no longer have students involved in the school district can be seen along the parade, the bon fire, and the Homecoming game itself. Highway 24, the main route of transportation is temporarily closed down, to allow the Homecoming Parade to commence for all to see.

“I graduated from WPHS and am more than happy to show my support for the football team and all the kids.” Explained William from the PC shop located near Starbucks.

“Its all about fun. No the paint on my windows doesn’t help my business, and no I do not like having to pay to have it cleaned afterward. That being said, I am a strong believer in community activities that get our older generations, the mid lifers, and the youth all thrown into the same pot. We all know we are tight knit after everything that happened this summer, but Homecoming shows we do not need tragedy to feel as though we are a unit.” John Townsen (the regional general manager of Pizza Hut) honestly put forward his opinion after all the windows on the Pizza Hut building had been painted.

Many of the teenagers in Woodland Park do not seem to realize they have actual backing of the community and all its citizens . Our wins are their wins, and they are right there to help WPHS celebrate, and kick off the new year . Woodland Park High School has become more than just a house of education, but a location to introduce the community into teenager’s lives, and our teenagers into society.