Homecoming Royalty

Janelle Watson, Reporter

Homecoming week is a time where important memories are made. Each class votes on who they want to represent them as their homecoming royalty. It’s a big honor and shows how your peers view you as a representative.

This year’s class winners smiled modestly knowing that they had won. Dakota Herman and Tiffany Bell, the sophomore winners, showed surprise at winning.

“I was surprised people would think about me when voting.” Dakota explained. Tiffany’s feelings were similar, “Yes I was surprised I was nominated, because I never get nominated for anything.”

Others were not as surprised, Sam Garner the freshman winner, said he wasn’t shocked. “Because everyone had already told me they voted for me.” Juniors Paloma Jurros and Isaac Leigh showed their excitement at getting to be involved. “I’m excited to ride on the float, not gonna lie.” Paloma told me. Isaac explained he was excited “Because I like throwing candy at children! Next year Tyler Schad is going to win. I’m going to make sure of it.”

Senior royalty is a big deal. Winning is a huge honor and a good memory to have of your last year of high school.

Emily Maki explained, “I’m not particularly concerned about winning. I’m just flattered to be on the ballot. The other two are genuinely nice and good people.” In her free time Emily enjoys making her own jewelry.

Ashley Hatfield was surprised she was nominated again after winning her freshman year. “There are a lot of seniors. I was expecting other people to win.” Ashley was happy to share that she had won The Naval ROTC scholarship which gives her a full ride to CU Boulder.

Elin Saxon told me “I’m most excited for the parade.” She doesn’t care if she wins, but she thinks “It would be cool.” In her free time she rides dirt bikes.

Other senior nominees expressed a wish to win. “It isn’t life ending but it would be cool.” Mickey Hartley explains. He’s very excited about finding out who won. Mickey has split open his head four times and miraculously still excels in honors classes.

Steve Duncanson was surprised to win because, “I didn’t ask for anyone to vote for me.” His honest nature shows when he says he’s most excited for being crowned. “That would be cool.” Anyone who knows Steve knows that he can put a smile on the saddest face.

Thomas Chisom showed little interest in winning. “It’s about having fun and the memories.”

On The night of the game everyone was so anxious about finding out the winners. When it was announced that Mickey Hartley and Emily Maki had won you could hear the cheers of appreciation. “I jumped over the top and shrieked when I found out Emily had won!” Emily’s younger sister Jordan Maki said. Other people showed their appreciation just by giving a well deserved round of cheers. Mickey’s and Emily’s faces were that of pure surprise and bliss. What a great memory for them to have of their senior year!