Annual WPHS Alumni Tea

Adri DeJoy, Reporter

Alex DeJoy’s letterman jacket was proudly sported as she quickly mingled at the annual WPHS Alumni Tea.

It is something that we all cannot wait to do-graduate and get out of here! We all want to move on to bigger and better things, and leave these years in the yearbooks. Not many of us think of coming back to visit as alumni, except maybe for Homecoming. Like any other high school, WPHS has their own traditions that coincide with Homecoming week or spirit week. Some of the oldest ones include the spirit stick, and the pep rallies; but not too many people often think about the actual meaning of the word, “Homecoming”. Meaning our alumni of WPHS come home and celebrate with us. One tradition especially for the alumni is the Alumni Tea.

Held in the commons of our very own high school, it is an event put on every fall during Homecoming week by Woodland Park High School’s National Honor Society members, and their faculty sponsor Mrs. Stone and Ms. Crowder.

“It’s one of our major events, and we love putting it on for the alumni!”, Mrs. Stone cheerfully commented when asked about the event while setting up.

Having the alumni back at the school meant more than just a small Homecoming festivity, still having their support is crucial in a small community, even if they have only been gone a short time. Coming back to high school isn’t something most of us really think about, but when you get to connect with old friends and enjoy a few moments to catch up with fellow people in your class, it’s easy to see why so many attend this event each year.