StuCo: Behind the Scenes

Amy Patterson, Section Editor

The hallways are lined in brilliant decorations. The bonfire flares in the chilly night. Candy flies delicately through the air, landing gracefully at the feet of a child during the Homecoming Parade. Students gather joyfully at the annual tailgate party in anticipation of the football game, complete with half-time show.

Each of these events, along with others, is coordinated by none other than Woodland Park’s Student Council. Truly, Student Council members are the unsung heroes of our community.

“Homecoming week is definitely a priority for us,” says Savanah Ebhert, Junior Historian. “We coordinate almost everything and the dance itself provides a hefty portion of our budget for other StuCo events throughout the year.”

Of course, money isn’t everything. Students who cannot afford a dance ticket, have some free time on their hands, or simply don’t want to pay for a ticket are welcome to volunteer their decorating prowess for a period of four or more hours on the Saturday of a dance to earn a free ticket.

This year’s dance theme was “Big City Dream”. Each high school class had its own city and hallways were decorated accordingly. “The hallways take around four hours to decorate, and the dance decorations take about eight hours. Because decorating takes so long, it’s very upsetting when people tear things down,” explains Ebhert.

Despite a low budget of one thousand dollars, StuCo managed to pull off a memorable evening. “We couldn’t afford a DJ this year, so we had a student compile a playlist,” explains Austin Russell, Executive Treasurer. StuCo charges eight dollars for tickets in advance and ten dollars for tickets at the door. The fairly inexpensive price of tickets allows almost any student to attend, but doesn’t necessarily provide for an increased budget. Higher turn-out to dances would provide funds for even better dances. For this reason, students are always encouraged to attend. “About four hundred students attend Homecoming. Though that’s not a low number, it’s less than half of the student body. Everyone should go so that dances can be improved further!” says Russell.

The Homecoming Dance is one of many activities Student Council is responsible for. The tailgate party, half-time show, bonfire, parade, powderpuff football game, spirit week, and pep rallies would all be impossible without the dedication and leadership of Woodland Park’s Student Council. Often, Student Council members go unrecognized for their hard work.

So to you, StuCo, here’s a thank you.

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