A Night Under the Big City Lights


Emily Maki, Section Editor

Admit it: we all dream of success in one way or another. Whether or not these dreams take us to Los Angeles, Chicago, or another metropolitan jungle be up for debate, but either way, the 2012 “Big City Dreams” Homecoming Dance allowed students to be granted just a taste of where their aspirations may someday take them. Living in a small town, opportunities such as this are rare. Ideals of living in that New York penthouse (Hailey Dick), working on cars (Drew Bealby), going to the college of your dreams (Michael Hernandez), traveling to Greece, Italy, and Australia (Abby Hills and Linda Shaffer) or singing on a stage in front of millions (Jordan Maki) can be shrugged off with the thought that, ‘I’m never going to leave this town’. Bright lights, glistening bridges, and falling balloons set the stage to let students feel glamorous; to inspire confidence; to change their outlook to the more positive idea that, ‘I could really do this’. Woodland Park will always be our home, that safe haven in the colossal, crowded, scary world. It will also be the place that taught us how to shoot past the stars for the end of the universe, which is how far away our dreams may seem to take us. Freshman, Heather McDonald, agrees with this, stating, “I want to be a super star, and getting ready with my friends tonight really made me feel like one”. When we’re rich and famous, we can look back at the 2012 Homecoming Dance and remember that wide eyed teenager who was finally given the confidence to race towards their dreams.