Guys and Dolls

Amy Patterson, Section Editor

Lights! Camera! Action!

The picture of 1950’s calamity ignites the stage. Gambling gangsters, Hot Box dancers, and mission members bustle about in busy New York streets.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Guys & Dolls, a story of romance, morality, and high-stakes. To quote Woodland Park High School’s announcements, “no, it is not a story about boys playing with dolls”. In reality, Guys & Dolls is the story of Nathan Detroit, a gambler in need of cash, Miss Adelaide, his long time fiancé, Sky Masterson, the gutsy risk taker, and Sarah Brown, the sweet and innocent Salvation Army officer.

This fall’s production will have showings on November 15th, 16th, and 17th in the Woodland Park High School auditorium. “This musical will definitely be a hit,” says Megan Lunsford, playing General Matilda B. Cartwright. “We have incredibly strong leads. Ms. Lee’s style is different from what we’re used to, but I know we’ll pull it together for Mr. Courtier.” Mr. Courtier’s passing earlier this year has motivated the Woodland Park High School drama department to work harder than ever.

Along with Lunsford, the familiar faces of Isaac Leigh, Beth Woods, and Brandon Lau will all be showcasing their talent in Guys & Dolls. However, not every face will be so familiar to Woodland Park viewers. Hannah Crosby, playing Miss Adelaide, is engaging in her first major role. “Playing Miss Adelaide is…different. She seems stupid at first, but in reality she has plenty of depth. It seems to me that all she really wants is a domestic life,” comments Crosby.

It’s important to remember that musicals generally consist of three parts; dancing, singing, and acting. Guys & Dolls in particular has a heavy focus on dancing. Choreographer, Mrs. Gustafson, explains the process by which a dance is put together. Choreography is based on student skills. For group dances, costumes and sets become important factors. “The most important part of group dances is a cohesive look,” says Gustafson. “Unique skill sets are applied as often as possible.”

There has been much speculation as to whether or not this musical will be as stunning as those Woodland Park High School has put on in the past. Tyler Schad, performing as Rusty Charlie, assures all that the fall musical of 2012 will be a hit. “We have a ton of talent in the group. Although we’ve only had a few rehearsals, the cast is coming together beautifully. I can’t wait to see how we look on stage,” says Schad.

Ms. Lee, Ms. Campbell, Mrs. Gustafson, and the entire cast of Guys & Dolls hope to see you in for this unforgettable performance. Make sure to check in with The Panther Perspective after the show for photos and reviews.