School With COVID-19


Ivy Wendt, Reporter

The number of COVID-19 cases is rising in Teller County, and so is the anger and stress of students and parents at Woodland Park High School. Teller County has over 435 cases. The stay at home order is starting to slowly come back into play, as Teller County is now moving into the “high risk” level on the covid dial. Teller County Public Health has been doing covid testing. When you drive by the testing site, the number of cars in the line goes up every day. Teller County Public Health says they will only be doing the covid testing site until January, and they don’t know if they will have to continue for safety, or if the cases will stop rising. 


Many parents and students are struggling with the idea that we may not go back to school full time again this year. I talked to a parent of a middle schooler who says “it’s hard to get the kids to get up and log online every day.” They stated that “it was not easy to convince my child to log onto a computer every day instead of being in class.” From my experience with learning, I do find it difficult as well to stay motivated when you have to learn through a screen. 


Many seniors are disappointed with their last year of high school not being full of the exciting things seniors get to do; not having their regular high school sports, not having a homecoming or a prom scheduled, and most importantly not having a big graduation ceremony. When will we be back at school full time? The answer is still unknown. As for the junior class, it’s hard to tell how high school will be next year. Some of my peers have noticed that their grades have not been the same since they were in class last year, or even earlier this year. Another student in the junior class says they actually enjoy online learning because it gives them time to be at home and not have to get up and go into school every day. A lot has changed for schools since the start of covid. Many students are getting bad grades because the learning system is hard to figure out online. Not to mention the stress of having to complete a semester class in a quarter. It’s certainly not easy. The biggest challenge for everyone is accepting the fact that there are rules now- safety guidelines that have to be followed in order to stop the cases from rising. We all had to adapt to wearing a mask whenever we go out, and having the fear of possibly not knowing who may be contagious, and how fast the virus can spread through a school. The real question is when will this all be over? Or will this ever be completely gone? We all just have to stick around and see what 2021 brings.