Trick or… Nope. Just Tricks. Making the most of a COVID Halloween


Tatum Romero, Reporter

A global pandemic is no treat, as we have all come to know in some way. We get to experience a modified version, but life has changed. How did your Halloween change?


Although Halloween had to be different this year, Woodland Park provided as many treats as they safely could. Trick or Treat opportunities at Memorial Park as well as many local churches made the holiday seem normal! 


Woodland Park High School’s student council even put on an event of their own! “Treat Street”, a modified version of the school’s tradition, ensured safety via the usage of gloves and masks. STUCO member, Skylar King, says the event had a great turnout, including “lots of kids, a few dogs, and even a cat.” Many students helped out at this event, handing out candy to families driving by in cars, who were also asked to wear masks.


The problem with all the normalcy we got to experience on Saturday, is that COVID wasn’t on holiday. The consequences of large gatherings are stickier than the candy we all got. Sure, there were precautions, but that is all they are. In Colorado as a whole, there was a steady increase in confirmed COVID cases leading up to Halloween, with a spike of 2,917 cases recorded for October 31st.


When asked how they felt about this past Halloween and how it compares to past years, one student responded, “Well, of course, I was curious how things were gonna go, whether or not they were gonna let kids trick or treat and all that junk, but it turned out fine.” 


Sure, it’s good to have that normalcy back, but shouldn’t we have been safer? 


I attended a few of these Halloween events myself and experienced a wide range of caution observed. Being outside, many of the festivities were mask-optional. What I mean by this is, not a lot of people wore masks… with the exception of “Treat Street”, of course. (Go Panthers!)


We can’t change how Halloween went, but we can reel it in now that it is over. Learn from it. The virus is reaching the highest levels since the beginning, and I think we can all guess why. As restrictions lessen, so does our safety; a sad fact. What we do at the end of our school day directly affects our ability to come back the next day.


Do you feel tricked? Yeah, me too. I know we just wanted things to be normal, but we aren’t ready. I’m glad you all had fun this Halloween, but I ask that you stay safe. Our community staying healthy and being able to attend school is more important than candy. Right?


In the wise words of a fellow Panther, “Don’t complain about how Halloween went this year or how it stunted how much candy you got. Why? Because it had to be this way this year to keep everyone safe. Well, that and you can get a huge bag of candy for $3. So in the end no one truly loses anything.”