Witchcraft 101

Lavana Hahs, Reporter

When one is deciding to join the witch community one important thing when joining a coven or starting your practice is your apprenticeship year, mainly filled with research, divination practice, beginner rituals, and more research! When the year is up you may move on to harder things and more advanced rituals and practices. The apprenticeship year is used when joining covens but should be done even when you are a solitary witch. 

Going more in-depth about your apprenticeship year for those who are curious or considering starting out as a good place to start is obviously research. If you don’t enjoy learning, researching, and all that jazz then this practice is not for you. Good things to research are herbs and their meaning, elemental magick, color meanings, crystals, cleansing space, meditation, banishing, casting/closing circles, sabbats, and moon phases. After having a good foundation you can start with simple rituals such as the primal soul serpent ritual found in, “the witches book of power” by Devin Hunter. The rituals and information in his book are good and I suggest it for beginners. Other than research, one should find their preferred forms of divination, what type works best for you. There are many different types but some are tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, runes, osteomancy, reading tea leaves, lithomancy, water scrying, numerology, and a few other things. After all that and some more, after your year is up, some will decide to work with the Wicca religion and work with the god and goddess (traditionally the triple goddess and horned god), or some will decide to simply practice witchcraft, when just practicing witchcraft you might decide you want to work alone or with a deity. You can pick a deity from any pantheon as long as it’s not a closed practice. Of course you could have decided whether you wanted to practice Wicca or just witchcraft before that time. 

Another thing to consider after the apprenticeship year or after a lot of research and practice has been done, is what type of witch you would like to be. What type of magick you will practice the most or want to specialize in (you can be multiple). Some types are garden witch, kitchen witch, solitary, eclectic, cosmic witch, green witch, elemental witches (a witch that predominantly works with an element), blood witch, necromancy, or maybe you want to practice with demons or angels too! It’s endless! 

Remember that when joining the practice of Wicca or simply practicing witchcraft that you must be careful, don’t do rituals that could cause harm if you don’t have the ability to complete the ritual or have the ability to fix it if anything goes wrong. Not to say don’t trust your power, but to know your limits and continue to work on yourself. Have fun with it and learn more about yourself. And keep in mind that it’s okay if the path doesn’t work for you, many will start the path and a few months or years later decide it’s not for them, and that’s okay.