Aumryannah Kean, Reporter

WandaVision is an American television miniseries produced by Marvel Studios, created by Jac Schaffer, and directed by Matt Shakman offered on the Disney+ streaming service. It’s based on the Marvel characters Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision, set in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The miniseries takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprise their roles as Wanda and Vision. The purpose of this article is to somewhat summarize the show but mainly give my theories into the whole show itself and the little details within. 

Starting with the trailers, there are many things that catch a Marvel lover’s eye. The first trailer brings us a look at Wanda and Vision after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The trailer is mainly in black and white, showing the life of Wanda and Vision to be sitcom-themed. They both have their powers, yet not showing how or if they’ve changed. In the first trailer, Vision touches a woman in a witch costume which we soon find out is Wanda. Vision’s neighbor, Agnes, wakes up out of her dazed state and asks “Am I dead?” to which Vision responds, “No! Why would you think that?” which makes the woman say “Because you are.”

We get a slight look at Wanda’s new powers. We finally also get a look at the organization that’s watching Wanda and Vision. In the second trailer, we get a better look at some of the other characters in the show. The same woman in the witches costume, a look at Wanda pregnant, a new neighbor, an African American woman who was in the first trailer, yet this time she has some lines. The first look into what’s going on (even though 3 episodes in you still have no idea what’s going on) we see the African American woman say to Wanda, 

“Wanda! What’s up?” to which Wanda replies, 

“Who are you” and the other woman says, 

“I don’t know.” There’s also a clip that shows a man speaking through an old radio saying, 

“Wanda, who’s doing this to you? Wanda. Wanda!” The trailer glitches, as to show that the reality in this show might be glitching. We see more into Wanda and Vision’s home and their neighborhood. We also see Darcy from the Thor movies. What I think is most important or interesting is the fact that we see Wanda interacting with the Mind Stone. When I first saw these trailers my mind created the theory that this is an alternate reality, that possibly someone or even Wanda is creating this reality, after all, Vision died in Avenger: Infinity War, and he looks and is acting like his death never happened (tying into the interaction between him and Agnes). 

Halfway through, the viewers watching the first WandaVision episode get a ‘commercial’. A man and his beautiful assistant are showing us a toaster, made by Stark Industries. This is the first tie to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and more specifically suggests they may be in the same timeline as all previous Marvel movies. What’s interesting about the toaster is we see a red light flashing: which stands out because the show is in black and white. The red flashing light gets faster and faster until the toast pops up. Giving the feel or idea that the toaster is made to represent a bomb. This all may seem unimportant, yet my theory is that this is an analogy to what happened to Wanda and her family. They had to watch a bomb drop in their house, which didn’t explode until two days later. The bomb had Stark Industries written on it. The toaster then makes the same sound as Ironman’s repulsor. 

The first episode, like the trailer, is in black and white and the theme is similar to the Dick Van Dyke show or other nostalgic 50’s pieces. From the black and white, background, and outfits of each character, we can see the resemblance. The episode is about Wanda and Vision having an important reason for the day. They each think it’s their anniversary, yet they can’t remember when they got married (even though we see Vision carry Wanda over the threshold on her wedding dress in the first five minutes of the show). So they both decide it’s their anniversary and they go about their day. Wanda stays home, because she’s a housewife, and Vision goes to work. When Vision goes to work he does his job, yet when asking his co-workers and boss what they do and why, no one really has a clear answer, and if they do answer they sound confused, as if they don’t know what’s going on. This ties into my theory that this is an alternate reality or a reality created by Wanda. The first episode is based around the assumption that Wanda and Vision think today is their anniversary, all because of a heart on the calendar of the current day. When in reality they were planning on having Vision’s boss and his wife- the Hearts- over for dinner. Thus the classic oh-no-I-didn’t-plan-for-this-lets-have-a-really- cheesy-montage-of-me-getting-things-prepared-whilst-I’m-freaking-out occurs. 

Yet in the middle of this, we get another look at how powerful Wanda can be, she ‘cooks’ raw chicken burnt to a crisp in a matter of seconds and turns eggs into a live chicken. We get a good look at her telekinetic powers. Mr. Heart gets frustrated because he’s very hungry, so finally, Wanda makes breakfast for dinner in a matter of seconds, as well as setting the table too. Everyone is at the table eating and Mr. and Mrs. Heart ask Wanda and Vision their story. Like how they met, how long they’ve been married, and why don’t they have any children. Yet neither Wanda nor Vision can answer, they just stop talking as if they’ve forgotten their lines. Things get very uncomfortable when Mr. Heart starts choking, to which Mrs. Heart repeats “Authur, stop it” she goes on for a few minutes with Wanda and Vision just looking at each other, like they’re uncomfortable. Finally, Wanda tells Vision to help Mr. Heart, and he does, yet with his powers, but neither Mr. Heart nor Mrs. Heart pays any mind to it. They thank Wanda and Vision for their meal and leave. The episode ends with someone in a highly technologically advanced room looking at a screen with a remote. 

The next episode follows the event (I assume) of the previous day. It’s still in black and white and it’s based around the idea of the neighborhood having a talent show that raises funds for the children. Wanda and Vision plan on doing a magic show. For the first half of the day, Vision goes to the library with the other neighborhood husbands to have a neighborhood watch meeting. Which really isn’t that, they just gossip and talk about manly things. Meanwhile, Wanda is doing similar things, she’s joining a meeting with all the other housewives. Before she leaves she sees something in the bushes. It’s a helicopter toy, yet it’s in full color, unlike the rest of the world which is in black and white. To which we see the African American woman again and we find out her name is Geraldine. Similar to the dinner with the Hearts in the previous episode, things get a little uncomfortable when the top housewife interacts with Wanda… she gets so upset again she almost reveals her powers again. Just like in the second trailer, in the middle of Wanda and the top housewife talking, a man speaks through the radio, trying to talk to Wanda saying “Wanda, who’s doing this to you? Wanda. Wanda.” Things go back to normal after everyone “resets”. The talent show goes on, showing us another look at Wanda’s powers, and what happens to Vision when he gets bubblegum stuck in his gears (that’s why he’s not supposed to eat food, he doesn’t even need to). After that, we see Wanda and Vision at home. They hear a strange sound and go outside to investigate and when they do, a man in a beekeeper-looking outfit comes out of the sewer tunnel, to which Wanda says “No” and time rewinds. I believe that Wanda is the one doing this, because she’s very powerful, especially when she’s upset. When time goes back, Wanda turns life into color, and she becomes pregnant. Then the show ends just like the previous episode with someone in a highly technologically advanced room looking at a screen with a remote. 

In the last (released) episode we get a new theme song, house, and outfit scheme similar to The Brady Bunch. Wanda is having a doctor look at her and make sure she and her baby are okay. Wanda and Vision prepare a room for their upcoming baby. Yet some strange things start happening. The house and neighborhood start to glitch, it rains inside houses, and appliances move and start on their own or perhaps all because of Wanda. Another strange thing is that Wanda’s baby is growing from one week to forty weeks old in a matter of minutes, so much that towards the end of the show, Wanda has her babies. That’s right, she has twins. Which for new parents is a little surprising, but not really when you think back to the comics and remember that she was supposed to have children, twin boys named Thomas and William. One of them though will also be named Wiccan (and is able to warp reality like his mother). The names are the same in the tv show as well. After Wanda gives birth and the doctor makes sure the babies are alright, Vision takes a moment to step outside. He sees Agnes and Herb talking, so he goes over to talk to them. Both Agnes and Herb look upset, they ask Vision if Geraldine is inside with Wanda. Vision replies, “Yes, why?” Herb says “She’s new to town, brand new.” Agnes adds “No family. No husband.” Vision replies “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Agnes says back, “No home.” Following that, it goes to Wanda and Geradline’s interaction. 

Wanda lets Geraldine in on some of her history, explaining that she’s a twin, just like her babies. She says “His name was Puetro” and when she says that her accent comes back. This is another thing, before this show came out she had her Sokovian accent, then the show started and it went away. She sings her babies a lullaby or nursery rhyme in her native tongue. Geraldine reacts by ‘getting out of her trance’ and says, “He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” Wanda reacts to this by saying, “What did you say?” She is obviously very upset. When Wanda asks again what Geraldine said, she changes it and somewhat tries to change the subject. Wanda is slowly getting furious, you can see it in her body language and the way she talks. Wanda wants Geraldine to leave. It goes back to Vision, Agnes, and Herb talking. Vision asks why Geraldine came here and she replies, “She came here because, she came here because, she came here because we’re all, because we’re all.” It goes back to Wanda and Geraldine again and this time Wanda sees the necklace Geraldine is wearing and asks what it is, “what is that symbol?” and then “Who are you?” which the only answer Geraldine can give is “I don’t know”. It goes back to Vision, Agnes, and Herb again with Herb almost revealing why they’re all there, but Agnes stops him, she looks scared. It goes back to Wanda and Geraldine once again, Wanda asking Geraldine one last time “who are you?” Whilst the babies are crying and tense music starts to play. We go back to Vision and Wanda and everything goes back to before Geraldine left. After Vision and Wanda talk we see Geraldine getting thrown through a forcefield. She hits the ground and she’s surrounded by military-looking vehicles and people. Then the show ends. 

With all that being said, I believe that maybe Geraldine herself is part of the military-like group and she possibly forgot why she’s there because Wanda is using her powers on everyone. Another theory I have that ties this all together is that Geraldine might be the daughter of Maria Rambeau because ever since she helped Carol Danvers she became obsessed with space. Taking all this into consideration, I’m glad that the show is going at the pace it is. It keeps the reader engaged and has them constantly guessing. The next episode should give us more information about the military-looking group and why everyone is acting the way they are.