Witchcraft 101: Blood Magick

Lavana Hahs, Reporter

There are many misconceptions about blood magick. It is considered very taboo in many cultures and by many religions. Countless people fear its untold and unspoken powers. I’m here to dispel some of the most common myths surrounding this practice. Certain ancient civilizations like the Aztecs or Incas frequently made blood sacrifices to their gods. These involved the killing of people and sometimes animals. In modern times, however, this is no longer a common (or necessary) practice. Blood magick using one’s own blood is considered one of the most potent forms of magick as your intent and energy are embedded in every step of the process. When you hear the word sacrifice you might imagine a large quantity of blood or maybe slitting your hand open, or perhaps a dagger being thrust through the heart of an innocent virgin. But all it takes is a small prick on the tip of you’re finger. A little goes a long way.

This next part isn’t for everyone, if you’re squeamish or a man then working with menstrual blood might not be your forté but many women swear by it. They will work with menstrual blood a lot when taking care of plants (you don’t have to use menstrual blood). The nutrients in blood help it grow. Your plants become bound to you if that is your intent when giving blood to them. Having binded plants can help with depression and other emotions as it will help take some of those emotions, but don’t worry it won’t cause harm to your plant. 

Blood is used to bind ritual tools, religious tools, and other items to their owner. As well as form pacts between people, one of the more popular things to do is bind friends, siblings, and significant others. You’ll see that recently many people are making blood vial necklaces for their partners and that is a form of blood magick if done with the right intentions.

 It should be stated that blood magick is not for beginners, so any of the following blood magick ideas should be performed by at least an adept practitioner and at one’s own risk. Some good ways to use blood to start out can be a few drops of blood on a spell candle to enhance the spell’s performance or mixing your blood with oil to dress and charge the candle. In a jar or container magick you can add a drop or two. Use drops to charge or anoint your talismans or amulets. Smearing it on jewelry pieces to help protect you. Putting a drop on a paper with your incantation written out. Or mixing a drop or two into your herbs for the spell. 

Consuming blood is a practice in many cultures but does hold many risks, bloodborne pathogens are not to be taken lightly. The reason to consume blood can be to strengthen and symbolize rites of passage, to symbolize life and death, rebirth, birth, and many other things. 

In the book, “Magick in Theory and Practice” by Aleister Crowley, he mentions that menstrual blood is used to bake the cake of light which is baked and then eaten to strengthen one’s connection to the cosmos. However, you shouldn’t let others consume your blood as this is giving them your power and that’s something you never want to do. 

Disclosure: Please be safe if you ever decide to consume blood and I personally suggest not consuming blood unless it’s your own and preferably not from your menstrual cycle. Please remember that if you consume too much blood you will poison yourself. However, if you decide that’s the path you want to go then power to you. But don’t hold me responsible. 

Please remember to go through the proper procedure when getting your blood. Sanitized area, sanitized skin, and tools. Only poke through enough to break the skin, collect the drops and immediately clean your wound. Use antibiotics or bandages if needed. At the end of your ritual or spell make sure to sanitize anything that came into contact with your blood. 

When are the best times or situations to use blood magick? For serious situations. If you need major protection, if there are life-threatening or life-changing threats. It’s good for health and wellness, obviously not a common cold or broken skin on the knee, but is good for breaking unhealthy addictions, disease, surgery, etc. 

Blood magick is known to be unstable and the results of your ritual or spell might come in a way unexpected. When you use blood, especially your own, the outcome of the spell, the ups and downs are likely to directly affect you since you used essentially your “liquid soul” to boost it. And if you use blood from another creature please make sure it was ethically sourced.  

If you don’t feel comfortable with blood or using it in your practice then don’t. Your path is your own.