The Divided States of America


Corrina Marquez, Reporter

The 2020 election is underway, and the nation seems to be divided. Along with race, economy, ideologies, and religious beliefs, the polarisation of Republican vs Democrat has become more clear than ever. Bipartisanship almost seems like a myth. Is WPHS also divided in our political views? Several students at the high school were eager to share their opinion on the election.

Although Colorado is a democratic state, Woodland park is mostly Republican. Six people were interviewed, and out of the six, two wanted Trump to win, one wanted Biden, and the remaining three didn’t want either candidate. Michaela White said, “I would vote for Trump because I agree with republican values more than democratic ones, and I don’t want a socialist country.”  According to an anonymous student, “Biden is probably going to raise taxes and that will hurt my family. We will probably become homeless, lots of people will go without jobs, and everything will fall apart. So, Trump because he’s done some good things in the last four years.” People who want Trump don’t seem to exactly want him, but rather they don’t want Biden to be in office. The one student who did hope  Biden would be elected, Chandler Orkney, says, “I’d choose Biden because he supports more human rights than Trump.” The other students who didn’t want either candidate were more along the lines that they just wanted Trump gone. “I don’t care, but I would choose another candidate because I want Trump gone”, noted Izzy Montesano. “I want Kanye because he’s a god, but only if he marries Meghan, so Kim isn’t the first lady”, said a student who would like to remain anonymous. “Other,” states Kaelin Wilson, “because I don’t know either candidate very well.”

 Most people seem to be conflicted with who to vote for because they don’t know whether they want to put up with Trump for four more years and stay with a familiar face, or risk a new style of leadership with Biden. However, it’s not these people we have to worry about; it’s the people who seem to be extremely one-sided, lacking open minds: democrat or republican. Many even fear there will be a civil war. We need to worry about this because we are the new generation, who will be making all the decisions, who will be the example for the generations to come, and it won’t be good if we aren’t willing to compromise and work together so we can be stronger.

Biden just became the President-elect on November 7th of this year, and he said, “Listen to each other again. And to make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies. They are Americans.” It doesn’t matter if you support Trump or Biden or neither, what he said is true. We all need to come together, and if he promises this, then maybe we should give him a chance. “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now. Refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another. It’s not some mysterious force beyond our control. It’s a decision, a choice we make. And if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate”(Joe Biden). Let’s come together and compromise. It’s the United States of America, not the divided states of America.

Picture Credit: Kenneth Cole, Milwaukee Independent