The True Price of Procrastination


Aramis Adcock, Reporter

You should never put off your homework. It’s just not worth it. Life becomes very hard for you when you are forced to work on something the night before its due. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep? Forget about it. You have to type that paper until way past your bedtime. I offer to you, the reader a cautionary tale: What happened to me when I decided to put off writing a newspaper article. When the article was first assigned, I didn’t worry. I had a full week, after all. I was given ample class time to type it up, and I figured that I could easily come up with an idea, after watching a couple of amusing YouTube videos. I watched them for a little over an hour, and then I finally tried to come up with some good ideas. I couldn’t think very straight, because I was very hungry. I realized that I hadn’t eaten in nearly seven hours. Then it hit me: Second lunch is way too late in the day for as early as I have to get up. I decided to write an article about it. I got about three sentences typed before I gave up on that idea. My next idea was to type an article about Netflix-binge watching. It seemed like a good idea when I started typing it, but it didn’t click after the first paragraph. So I gave up, figuring that I’d come back to it later on the next day. I didn’t. I didn’t come back to it until two days ago, sure that I could make the article work. But the longer I stared at my incomplete article, the more I began to lose faith in the idea. Surely my pathetic Netflix binging experience was not the same as everyone else’s. We’re all sad, but differently sad. I just couldn’t get it to work. So I deleted the whole thing promising to restart the next day. I am now frantically typing on that next day, late at night. I wanted to start work on the article with a new idea as soon as I got home, but I figured that there was no harm in watching one episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I ended up watching five. (If you’ve never heard of the show, I recommend it) Now it’s getting dark outside. The article is due tomorrow, and I still don’t have any good ideas. Wait a minute. This mess of a garbled story is longer than my last article, which means it is long enough to publish! If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna watch five more episodes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.