Fun in the sun (Or snow)

Kyla Wells, Reporter

Whew! We made it through the grueling month of February! March has welcomed us with heaps of snow which excites skiers and snowboarders, but for the rest of us, spring can’t come soon enough. The mention of spring break holds a lot of pressure: will you bring back cool stories to brag about to your friends? I’m here to shed some light on those of us not going on fancy vacations for break this year. Sure, we may remain paler than ¼ of the school, but there are just as many fun times to be had here at home. Whether you’re low on money or company, here are some ideas to consider doing rather than being a couch potato.

  1. Get lost in a new book
  2. If there’s snow, go sledding!
  3. Pick up some art supplies and test your creativity
  4. Make a dope playlist on Spotify
  5. Get some driving hours in, or work on your driving course
  6. Go on a hike- Colorado provides amazing views!!
  7. Take some pictures- of nature, friends, or even your pets
  8. Learn to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to
  9. Have a cooking competition
  10. Get organized
  11. Go thrifting
  12. Catch up on your favorite show
  13. Go ice/ roller skating
  14. Play board/ card games
  15. Learn some magic tricks
  16. Play pranks on siblings
  17. Catch up on schoolwork… You’ll thank me later
  18. Listen to interesting podcasts
  19. Learn how to do origami
  20. Embrace your inner child and build an intricate fort
  21. Go swimming- since WP finally has a pool
  22. Drive around- it’s what most every high schooler does
  23. Find a new place to eat
  24. Go to a go-kart track
  25. Go bowling

Now that you’ve brushed aside half of those ideas, use them as a base and revise them to your standards. If you’re still stuck on what to do, the internet has tons of ideas that will help! Maybe even focus your time on finding ways to make extra cash… we could all use it! If you’re not currently working, take this time to make a resume and scout for job openings. Make this spring break worth it! If what you need is a week of sleep and Netflix, feel no shame. Even though we may not be soaking up the rays, we can soak up the freedom and relaxation of no school. That’s exactly what Abby Hutson, a sophomore, does on her annual trip to California. “I love going out there because not only do I get burnt and tan, but I get to go to amusement parks and relax on the beach.” Vacations can be a great deal of excitement but staying close to home can be swell too! Trace Taranto doesn’t have any extravagant plans for the vacation around the corner, but “now that we have a new pool, I’m really excited for Spring Break with my friends.” Whatever your break brings to you, make some memories that will hold you over until Summer. Be safe and have fun!