What can procrastination and objects around you do?


Micheal Colvin, Reporter

Procrastination is one of the many things I struggle with. Procrastination is where \you, yourself, as a person decide that you don’t want to do any work nor turn in anything that will be due the day after. Things like this destroy a person’s grade or efficiency on how to work. With this may come punishments from family or a talk. Such as something that happened recently I can’t use anything to work or communicate, only when I’m at school. I have to have a reason in order to work on a computer or use a computer while I do stuff. Without distractions like a phone or anything else, it’s easy to continue work but at the same time, it’s a real struggle when you have a creator’s block or an artist’s block stopping you from continuing work. This includes things like sudden distractions around your work environment, phones, basic needs, and so on. But an object like a phone can also provide a lot. It helps you keep in communication with people and also works as another smaller computer to help you check things, such as grades, time, messages, and news. But we all know the current generation uses it for things like social media or other things. Nothing closely related to the subjects I have said, but while a student or someone else may use social media and play games, they also use a phone to communicate and understand when to leave for school or go do something. The environment is affected by where you work and how you work, you either work in the silence and continue working hard while having a few gaps in your work. While it is hard to think of things to continue an article like this, it’s still some sort of way to get out of procrastination and get back into a working mood. Sometimes people are just in a bad mood while they were trying to work and can’t get things finished or they’ve had a long day and wish to relax through other methods and push things to the side. As I do this I’ve pushed aside many activities and anything that can be done in my free time and completely filled it with work while shortening other things in my schedule to complete things. With this, there’s really no way to continue a week without having work to continue to stack on as many classes continue to add onto the work that you have. In conclusion, procrastination is something hard to recover from and removing distractions could probably be best for you in order to continue your work. The best tips and methods from me are to make sure you can push any sort of distraction out of the way and fully focus on the work and push forward and hard knowing that ahead of you is more freedom and fewer restrictions from recovery.