Things to do when you’re single and alone on valentines day


Katie Longnecker, Reporter

   Ah yes, Valentine’s Day has come again. Some people finally have a valentine to spend it with, but many are suffering through another year with no valentine in sight. If you are one of those people that cuddle up with their dog/cat and watch sappy romance movies all alone, don’t worry! I have compiled a list of things you can do alone or with a friend on Valentine’s Day, because let’s face it; watching “The Notebook” all alone while you ugly cry can get old after a few years of doing so.


1) Babysit for a couple who rarely gets time away with each other! New parents often feel left out on valentine’s day because they have to look after their little ones, so if you know someone who desperately needs a date, offer to babysit their kids!


2) Buy a bouquet of roses (or any other kinds of flowers), go to the supermarket or any other store, and hand out roses to strangers who are alone. I guarantee this will make their day, and the feeling of giving and doing a simple act of kindness will boost your mood as well!


3) Pamper yourself at the spa or even a diy face mask you can get at Walmart! Focusing on just yourself and strengthening your self love can remind you that you are worth looking after, plus the feeling of being clean and well-pampered is very refreshing!


4) Plan a Galentine’s Day with your friends! Gather all of your single friends and buy a bunch of candy, sodas, snacks, and rent a few movies from RedBox!


5) Go buy all of your favorite desserts and indulge in them. All. By. Your. Self! (this is a personal favorite one of mine)


6) Go to dinner and a movie with your best friend and take advantage of the couples combo you can get at the movie theater!


7) Watch a documentary on Netflix with comfort foods. (This is actually surprisingly entertaining, and some of the documentaries Netflix makes are very captivating!)


Although this is only a brief list, it will at least motivate you to do something other than dwell on your singleness! Seriously though, embrace your single status and show the world that although you might not have someone to spend a stereotypical Valentine’s Day with, you can still be content with how life is right now! Remember, you have to love yourself before allowing someone else to love you, so book an appointment at the spa and treat yourself (or just do whatever makes you the happiest)!