The struggles about high school relationships

The struggles about high school relationships

Lavana Hahs , Reporter

“Omg your dating him!?”

“How was your date last night, dude?”

“I can’t believe she’s dating my Ex. I thought she was my friend!”

These are only a few things you might hear in the halls of any high school when it’s the topic of dating. I’m sure everyone has had a crush and maybe even a girlfriend or boyfriend but sometimes it’s a hard topic for people to talk about. There’s the off and on couples, the opposites attract, the toxic relationship, the ones that are practically inseparable, the ones that have been together since middle school, you get my point.

A fun question I asked the students around school is “do you think T.V. shows portrayed certain aspects of high school relationships realistically?” There was a lot of mixed answers and reasoning for this simple question. Put simply by Heather Hale, “ In certain aspects yes. For example in Thirteen Reasons Why it shows how the effects of toxic friendships and relationships can cause a person an extreme amount of pain. I’ve seen my friends deal with depression, anxiety, and anger after a break up or being used by their so called friends.”  Majority of people asked this question though said T.V. shows didn’t portray relationships realistically. What do you think?

Relationships are fun! You get to explore new things that your significant other is into and figure yourself out more, but with this comes a lot of problems and annoyances. For one, you have to deal with a lot of drama. People love talking about other people’s business. If you’re dating an Ex of somebody you have to deal with their judgment and the people who decide to follow their words. Peer pressure is still a thing even when dealing with relationships, please don’t get pressured into anything you don’t want to do! I wouldn’t worry though. Everybody talks, but it doesn’t mean you have to listen.

School work is a hassle and hard already, but if you add a relationship to the mix it can get more complicated. When you get bored you’re probably gonna think about your significant other and get distracted. Instead you might stress about how you look around that person and adding that stress on top of other stress you already have can be really bad. Instead of taking notes or finishing that math homework that’s due the next day, you want to spend more of your free time with them, leaving you having to play catch up. If you break up with that person you still could be thinking about everything that went wrong or blaming yourself or feeling bad for breaking up with them and that can affect how you learn.

“Emotions are going rampant and there’s more arguments compared to adults and school is very time consuming. You can definitely have one but it shouldn’t be a priority.” -Mrs.Drews

If you want to date somebody, go for it! Don’t be scared to. I know all of this sounds negative, but trust me relationships are a great way to learn about yourself and others. When you date, you learn about the things you like to have in a partner for future reference. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can motivate you to try new things, do better in school, and get out of your comfort zone. In a relationship you tend to be more comfortable with certain situations because you know someone will have your back. Some people say that they cared less about what other people thought because it wasn’t important to them because they can better tell the difference between real/fake connections and words when they compare it to their partners words and actions.