Advice Column: 1/26/16

Dear Panther Perspective,

I’m struggling with the pressures of dating. As an average teenager I’ve become curious about dating…but not the opposite sex. I’ve become distressed with my curiosity of dating someone that’s the same sex as I am!  I’m not sure what to do. I’m tending to be attracted to the same gender than just the opposite gender. I don’t know what to do. Yours truly, redlikeroses


Dear redlikeroses,

I would highly recommend going to a Gay Straight Alliance meeting, they are held most Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during the academic period. Here there will be adults, such as Mrs. Strain and Mrs. Ray who can help guide you. What happens in the group stays there, and you can say as much or as little as you like. Here, you would have a much greater chance of finding a student to guide and talk to you, as well as meet many people would have similar questions, nervousness and potential changes in mindset.

-Panther Perspective Advice Column



Dear Panther Perspective,

My parents expect me to do my homework, participate in after school activites/sports, go to work and somehow have a social life as well. It’s impossible! How do I juggle all of this?

Sincerely, Stressed out Student


Dear Stressed Out Student,

During my freshman year my parents became very strict and difficult, so I understand. Ultimately, you must find a way to calmly communicate with them. You can try setting up a time to sit down and talk, or set up a meeting with them and some teachers. Find ways to begin finding a middle ground and get you all on the same page. Choose one after school activity to commit to, with people you enjoy, even if it is just part of the year. If you make your activities something you love, it can become your “social life”. Set aside one day a week where you hang out with friends and/or family after school, and keep it consistent. This can be the one day that you do not have to stress about school, and you allow yourself breathing room. Create a study/homework schedule. If you have to get a job, try getting one where you only have to work two days a week, one day on the weekend and one day after school. This would allow you time for socializing and schoolwork, while making a little pocket cash. Organization and communication is the key to keeping stress low. Your mind and body will appreciate a schedule and a break.

-The Panther Perspective Advice Column



Dear Panther Perspective,

I’m realizing that it is time to start thinking about the future. I definitely want to go to college to continue my education. There are multiple ones that I am interested in. The problem is that I need help finding a perfect college. I have no idea what exactly I should be looking for. There is also the issue of paying for it. Do you have any tips on saving money for college? Thanks for all your help.

Sincerely, Student Getting Their Life Together


Dear Student Getting Their Life Together,

College searching is hard! It takes time and patience, along with dedication. First, start by looking at the program you are interested in, and if you are undecided, then look at the majors/minors and certificates that each school offers. College in Colorado (turns out the teachers really are right), can be extremely helpful. It can help you find colleges that have what you are interested in. The most important step of finding the “perfect college” is visits! You never know how you will feel in a certain group until you experience it for a day. You can talk to each schools admissions counselors and individual program managers. Tours will help you choose between a large or small school, urban or rural, university or community/junior college and in state or out of state. It’s all about finding the right fit for YOU. Don’t get too stuck on the price tag just yet. Behind Mrs.Rucker’s desk in the counseling office is scholarship information and applications, there is a mix of local and national offers. Many schools give merit awards to students who meet certain standards and those are given to you just by applying. During your senior year, make sure you fill out the FASFA (finical aid) form, to see if you qualify for grants and government aid. Every dollar will count, so stay focused and allow yourself time to apply. You can always check in with your high school guidance counselor and create a schedule that is aimed at the school(s) that you are looking into and get help with deciding!

-The Panther Perspective Advice Column